Unpacking your Items After Moving

Unpacking Can Be fun

After a long day, you finally arrived in your new home, which is a good thing. You have passed all the troubles of packing and loading. After that? Of course, you need to unpack your things. Just like packing, unpacking needs to be done carefully by a moving company just like Wolley Movers, Inc. They can help you with your packing and unpacking your items properly and well-secured.

If you want to unpack faster, then better ask your moving company if unpacking is included in the relocation service that you chose. You might want to consider these helpful tips on how to have fun while you and your family are unpacking your things in your new home.

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The fun actually begins in the packing process. Before you pack up your stuff, make sure to grab a bunch of markers in a variety of colors. Designate a specific color for each room ? for example, make the kitchen green and your master bedroom blue. Mark your boxes with the appropriate color as you pack. When you get to your new place, let your movers know about your color scheme and it will be easier for them to figure out where to put your stuff.

In addition to color-coding, number your boxes on a 1 to 10 scale, with 1 the least important, 10 the most. When you arrive at your new place, you’ll be able to prioritize and grab your essential boxes first because they will have the highest numbers.

If you have young kids, you could have them take the markers and, sticking to the color scheme, draw pictures of the items inside. For example, turn them loose on the bathroom basics box ? the one you’ve filled with items such as soap, towels and toilet paper. Their artwork may not be of much added assistance for the movers, but it might help the kids feel involved in doing something important and the drawings may lighten the mood of an otherwise dreary task.

Along with your basics, pack a suitcase as if you were going on a weekend getaway. Pack enough clothes and toiletries to get you through the first few days until you get your closet and bathroom unpacked.

After you’ve emptied the first couple of boxes, set them near the front door. Label one “donate” and the other “discard.” As you unpack your stuff, you’re sure to run across things that will make you wonder why you packed them. Chuck them into the appropriate box and lighten your load.

As you unpack your boxes, flatten them out. Seeing the progress of flattened boxes stack up will give you the confidence boost you need. If you have kids, ask them to go through the discarded wrapping paper to make sure you didn’t toss any of your stuff inadvertently. Call it a ‘treasure hunt? – even if they come up empty, you’ve won!

Try a few other quick ideas to make unpacking fun:

  • Make it a race. See who can empty a box ? without breakables! ? the fastest.
  • Reward yourself after every five boxes with a drink and/or snack break.
  • Bring some speakers and make sure to have music while you work.

Just like packing, there’s also quite of things to consider when you unpack. Here’s another addition to the tips.

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The good news: Your possessions have arrived at your new house.

The bad news: Now you have to unpack them.

It’s a good question and the answer comes down to two things: prioritization and pace.

1. Get boxes in the right rooms

Perhaps an obvious suggestion but one that bears repeating. You may be tempted to place every box in one room and attack ‘em one by one.


Take the boxes for the kids’ room to the kids’ room. Take the kitchen boxes to the kitchen. Don’t open them until you have them in the right place.

2. Start with the essentials

You know the things you couldn’t box up until the last minute because you needed them right until the end? Yeah, unpack that stuff first, because odds are if it was important to you in your old house, it’s going to be important in the new one.

Check out this post from unclutterer for more details.

3. Envision before you unpack

Get your living room set up how you like it before you unpack the boxes. Unpacking stuff without a set place to put it will result in clutter and chaos.

And you’ve probably had your fill of those twin demons already.

4. Pace yourself

For the love of bubble wrap, don’t try to unpack everything in one day. Get the kitchen under control, get the beds set up, put on some sheets, and then pass out.

Wake up fresh as a daisy and work on the bathroom(s), dining room and the rest of your place on Day 2.

5. Make it feel like home

Here is a great tip from About.com for making the unpacking process a little less painful: Put up some artwork before you’re completely settled.

Unpacking is not that hard unless for the large and fragile items which you really need help. In this case you can ask help from a friend or a mover where you can pay for an extra service of helping you to unpack and organized your things.