Top Essentials For Moving Day List

Don’t Forget these Moving Day Essentials for your Moving Day!

As we all know moving has some important process to take note of. Some steps in moving may be time consuming, difficult and stressful. However, moving is never meant to be difficult. In fact, you can find ways to make it more fun, easy and convenient for you and to your family.

One of the ways for a convenient move is to get a relocation service that will handle all your relocation needs. But of course you need to collaborate with them because you are still in charge of the whole thing. Another way is to check on their business reviews and moving reviews like Devon Moving Company BBB to check if they are legitimately operating and reliable company. Here’s a list of things you need to remember for your moving day.

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  1. Documentation. It would be best to collect it all in one file. These should include employment, rent, bank, credit, etc. contracts, dentist/ doctor/ vet records, etc. Prepare all the moving documentation as well like inventory sheet, payment documents, etc. How will you travel to your new home? In case you won’t go by your own car, put together all the traveling documents like bus/ airplane tickets and hotel/ restaurant reservations.
  2. Packing supplies.The relocation essentials that you should have are extra tape, boxes, bags, packing paper, bubble wrap and packing peanuts, depending on what type of packing materials you will choose to use. Almost in every move people tend to underestimate the quantity of things they have and spare boxes and bags are needed; especially bags. Since all of your things are in drawers, cupboards, shelves, etc. it is often difficult to estimate precisely exactly how much and whats sort of packing supplies would be good for you exactly on moving day.
  3. What moving essentials will you need for your children?
    Medication. Consider what medicines you currently use and what you may need on moving day like painkillers, something to soothe soar throat and any sign of cold, if necessary, or to relieve allergic reactions if you are prone to them. Prepare a medical kit with everything you or the members of your family may need on moving day. Do your children or pets use medications currently? Make sure you do not pack medicines that are expired!
  4. What do you need from the bathroom? Consider toothbrush and toothpaste, hair brush, razor and shaving cream, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, antiperspirant, toilet paper, wet wipes, towels and cosmetics that you use. Depending on your location and day of the move you may also need a repellent. It would be good to get an extra set of clothes for each member of your family while on the road.
  5. For the children. Kids will need to have their favorite toys, also snacks and drinks. You could consider taking for them games to play while on the road. We have an article with some great ideas on making moving stress free for your kids.
  6. Consider your pets as well. They will need to have their bowls for food and water so you could fill them as well, occasionally. Another option that you have is to leave them temporarily at a pet hotel for a day or two until you relocate and then take them back. Moving with pets is fun but you also need to think about their needs as well. The process of relocation itself may be stressful for them especially if you are going long distance to a different state.
  7. Prepare your home before you leave. You will need cleaning materials to put your house or apartment in order, bags for the trash and cleaning equipment like a vacuum cleaner. Here are some useful easy cleaning tips.
  8. Food and drinks while on the road. Especially if you are relocating out of state with your car, it is certain that you will need to refresh yourself with a drink. Preparing sandwiches, getting some snacks, water and other drinks would be a good idea, plus plastic cups, plates and cutlery. Have some goodies to go on the road while you are moving. In case you plan your moving date to be in the winter, take a look at this link.

Getting essentials ready on your moving day would be great, but how about your emotions? Are you emotionally-ready on your moving day? The most difficult task on your moving day is to saying goodbye to your old friends and neighbors, but here are ways for you to handle that situation.

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Here are five tactics you can use and abuse during your next move, to keep a smile on your face and a laugh on your lips when the boxes and bubble wrap become too much.

1. Every move needs a jester. It may as well be you.

Your neighbours are draping your front porch in black, your kids are threatening to run away from home because you’re ruining their lives, and it’s up to you to convince everyone that moving is awesome! This is an adventure! “Lucky you!” I’d yell after my kids, ignoring the daggers coming from their eyes.

2. The Law of Opposites: Because if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry

During my most traumatic moves, I made up my own Law of Opposites. The more stressful my move got, the more goofy I’d get. Until, when Comcast tells me they need a 72-hour window to get us nine channels, instead of busting a vein, I’d make myself take a breath and just laugh. Forcing yourself to laugh through a tense moment will get you through the roughest spots and before you know it, you’ve come out on the other side – watching your favourite sitcom.

3. Hang with the happy people

Staying positive and keeping your sense of humour during a move requires a flat-out refusal to let others bring you down. When your move starts to get edgy, be careful who surrounds you. Avoid people with negative attitudes, neighbours who start to tear up every time you talk about your move date, and anyone who doesn’t have a sense of humour.

Keep farewells and going-away parties positive affairs, and if anyone starts to drone on about all the things you’ll miss, pop his helium balloon.

4. Mantras and maxims

Moving is much like a competitive sport. So take a tip from athletes and others who need a jolt of inspiration and find cartoons, funny YouTube videos, quotes, and anything that will lift your spirits and improve your mood.

Keep a reminder on your desktop, put a sign on your nightstand or headboard, whatever it takes. However you choose to remind yourself that “this, too, shall pass” and “we’ll laugh about this someday,” keep reminding yourself that you’ll get through this move intact.

5. The old standby: Picture everyone naked

Not much explanation needed, here. It works for public speaking anxiety, it could work for moving stress. Note: Don’t tell your realtor. We could get into trouble.

The last one advice is optional. But these are helpful techniques in handling sad moments in your moving day. With the help of a relocation services, the burden of you moving day will be lessen. And you don’t have to worry anything about your belongings, all you have to think is the new life that waits you in your new place.